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Deck & Dock Restoration

***All photos are from work we have done for our customers***

Gentle Care For Delicate Decking

Decking comes in all sorts of different materials and they all require a similar process. The delicate nature of decking in comparison to concrete means it requires a little more elbow grease and attention to detail. Using full pressure from a pressure washer can easily damage your surfaces and we take great care to avoid doing that.

Our Process

Moss and algae love to grow in the spaces between boards and while its not always as visible as the surface on top, a build up of organic material there can prematurely lead to your deck decaying. That’s why we always make sure to scrape and brush between your decking before using low pressure nozzles and attachments to gently clean and reveal the surface hidden beneath the grime and organic build up. What remains is a nearly-new deck for you to continue enjoying for years to come.

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